Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Shando kind of has a philosophical side. One of her ideas is that if you're really pretty, or skinny, or rich you damn well better not be annoying as hell. The way Shando sees it, you're already getting on her last nerve with your good fortune in one of the afroementioned areas, you had better get busy redeeming yourself by being especially kind, nice, generous, warm, real, funny, helpful or an extraordinarily humble person. Otherwise, you might be really gorgeous but as far as Shando is concerned you're as useless as "tits on a boar".

Did we mention you're getting on her damn nerves?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

You just be Andy, I'll be your Pat Hackett

All during Andy Warhol's life he kept a diary. But not the kind of diary where you have to write anything down. No, Andy was way too avant-garde for that. He just called up his long suffering secretary everyday and dictated his diary to her over the phone. This is how we ended up with a Tome when Andy Warhol died heavy enough to serve as ship anchor in a pinch. We have Pat Hackett to thank.

I'm quite willing to be the Pat to Shando's Andy. Here's why:

1. I too am long-suffering.

2. I too desire to bring the world the unique perspective of a person who wishes to remain on the fringes (not in real life, but on the "internets", Shando is remarkably quiet, though she does lurk about, much in the way Andy was wont to do)

3. Shando is too busy to be bothered with writing in journals, or diaries, let alone writing in/on blogs.

4. Shando is quite a fascinating person with fascinating thoughts - she calls me everyday, she tells me those thoughts, I can share some of her thoughts with you.

5. Shando gives me all the details. Andy used to tell Pat how much his cab cost, the morning paper, and his cup of coffee. I usually get these same notes from Shando everyday. Want to know what Shando ate for breakfast? I can probably tell you (today it was Crepes).

6. I like to find additional time-wasters, this would definitely rank right up there at the top of such a list. (do not confuse this by thinking I have time to waste - no, contraire, but I take time wasting to an art form, don't question it, it works for me much in the way prozac works for other people)

7. We all need our daily dose of Shando

On another note - the blog has been named "Keeping Tab" this is because we are; keeping tabs on Shando, keeping tab with Shando, and Shando loves her TaB. The coca-cola company makes TaB. If they ever quit making it do not be surprised if violence is committed by Shando in the name of her Holy Tab. Coke named TaB, TaB, because it stood for "keeping tab".

So let's keep tab with Shando and see where her adventures take us.