Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Nickname Redux

This is Pat's transcription of a recent conversation between Shando and Lucia:

S: "What is Satan Child over there doing?"
L: "I have no idea"
S: "So, I don't get it, why are she and Red Headed Momma even here? Are they cousins with that other little girl or....how are these people related?"
L: "Who?"
S: "Why is Red-Headed Momma always here with Zipper Pant?"
L: "Oh...they're just friends, Zipper Pant is the aunt of the other girl."
S: "So Zipper Pant is the Aunt?"
L: "Zipper Pant is the Aunt."
S: "Of who? I'm confused...of Satan Child?"
L: "No, they're friends...Zipper Pant and Satan Child's mom are friends...Zipper Pant is _______'s aunt.
S: "Titty Dance is the sister to Zipper Pant?"
L: "(laughing)....Do we even know that's what she does?"
S: "Who Titty Dance? Did you see those implants? Did you catch the outfit? Hello! What do you think she does? All those $1 bills she pays with? Yes, safe to assume."
L: "Okay so yes, apparently Zipper Pant and Titty Dance are sisters...no relation to Satan Child."
S: "Glad we got that straight"


Cynthia said...

Lucia is amazing. She understood that in a verbal format? I had to read it four times to get it. Well, I still really didn't get it because, you know, I don't have a visual of zipper dancer red-headed dollar bill cousin/aunt satan girl.

rachel said...

That was hilarious.